How to Design a Business Card with StyleWhen you meet high profile leader in your industry, you want to make sure you leave a lasting impression. A lame business card is the worst way to go about this. When you set out to order business cards, remember that they are more than just tiny slips of paper. They are a concrete representation of your company and yourself. Designing business cards with style can give you the extra individuality you need in today’s competitive market.

Grid’s bare essentials for the graphic designer!As a working human, have you ever tried listing what you need most on your chosen profession? Being a Graphic Designer, Ashwin Patel listed it down using great iconography and representations of the essential needs of Graphic Designers.

Let’s take a look at this detailed piece of print and check if you missed some things on the list.

Valentine's Day Poster Printing Giveaway! is generously sponsoring a Valentines giveaway of a 18 X 24 Rolled Poster to one of DWH readers. One lucky reader will win a 18 X 24 Rolled Poster - absolutely free!

What better way to showcase your favorite photo, designs, or artwork than through poster prints! These high quality prints will be a fantastic way to brighten up any wall.

18 Essential Books Every Freelance Designer Needs to ReadSurvival and success in the design world rely upon creative talent fused with keen business sensibilities. Artistic skills are essential for anyone considering entering the world of freelancing, but in today’s competitive market it is also fundamental to be able to manage one’s career, promote work, respond to client requirements and cope with the legal and financial complexities the contemporary designer faces.

This post brings together 18 books that are essential additions to the bookshelf of the self-employed freelance designer, texts in which established figures share their knowledge and experiences to guide freelancers on the path to success.

Featured Wallpaper of the Week 08-10-09The Featured Wallpaper of the Week is a weekly feature of great wallpapers done by awesome designers.

In this week, we will feature “Mecha-Labaw” by Christian San Jose. Get to know the concept about the wallpaper and some information about the designers.

It’s time change your wallpaper now!

A Look at 20 Web Hosting Company HomepagesWe see a lot of reviews of different website but few blogs have written about the web hosting industry. Being the hosting geeks that we are, we thought that it would be fun comparing the look and feel of 20 Popular Web Hosting Company Homepages.

The results? Well, many of them need improvements and other just need to fire their entire design staff.

From the folks at WHS, check them out for hosting reviews or read articles.

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