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Create a Cute Easter Bunny VectorToday is Easter Sunday, and like we all know Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny is what first comes to our mind. In this tutorial, we’ll be making a Cute Easter Bunny using just the basic shapes and a variety of simple tools, making it a good start for Illustrator beginners. We’ll also be using some basic gradients, color tools and the Pathfinder with a step by step instructions.

Try to create a Easter Bunny now using this tutorial and send it to your friends and relatives!

10+ Awesome Tutorials on Vexel ArtVexel Art is a style composed of multiple layered shapes and focuses on recreating an imagery using a raster program. The name came from a combination of vector and pixel design. It is an entirely pixel-based raster image that imitates the vector graphics style and not necessarily using Vector Programs.

The general idea is that they are raster images that look much like vector and in most cases are created using the same techniques. It may be composed using vector graphic techniques, however it becomes a vexel when the vector elements are rasterized and further manipulations are done in a raster program.

On this post you will learn how to create your own Vexel graphics through the beginner and intermediate tutorials. Get to know Vexel and apply the technique.

<p>Design was here is now here!</p>Vectors and Raster Images is what every designer or graphic artist regularly uses. This leaves us with a question, which among these techniques is better to use? and when do you use vector or raster in your designs? This is a tough question for a designer or a graphic artist. There were even a confusion of what is vector and raster. In this post I would explain each technique? with their examples and the advantages of using one from the other.So let the battle begin and decide for yourself!!

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<p>Best Wordpress Design Contest - DWH is joining!</p>WPWebhost is having a contest for the Best Designed Wordpress Blogs or sites.

The WordPress Design Award is divided into 5 separate categories:

» Best Clean and Minimalist
» Best Retro and Vintage
» Best Grunge
» Best Hand-Drawing Style
» Best Modern and Elegant

So what’s the prize?

The winners will get a badge (think of it like a trophy) which link back to the page stating the winners…..

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<p>10 Quality Grunge Icons Set for Grunge Styled Sites</p>Grunge Style has been a trend in the web now since it all started and even Design was here is using it. It manage to show the unique quality and innovativeness of sites and blogs over the ever popular Web 2.0 style for its reflections, glossy buttons and large fonts.

Dirty and Grungy: grunge icons at its best. Below are few icons I’ve collected that you can use in creating your very own Grunge Style sites and blogs.

50 Great Wallpapers about DesignNothing compares to a good wallpaper on your desktop. And here’s a collection of great wallpapers that most likely would fill in as your new wallpaper and suit your taste for design. The wallpapers talks about Design and it’s meaning to each designers and artist. “Wallpapers made by designers for designers about design”. I’ve spent a few hours gathering these great wallpapers to share to everyone. Hope you’ll find them inspirational for yourselves as well, and maybe create one of your own and share it to us. Feel free to link to your own wallpapers or others that you like.

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